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Why Hire an Attorney for your QDRO?

A question is sometimes raised as to why you should hire an attorney to draft your QDRO. Having an attorney draft your QDRO is not required, but there are many reasons why it is better to have an attorney complete this document. The QDRO is used to divide employee benefits or interests in retirement plans, pensions, stock options, pension plans and more. It is part of the overall property settlement in a divorce. The division of property in a divorce involves many complicated legal issues. Who is entitled to what depends upon the identification of an asset as either separate property or community property. Once identified, it must be carefully valuated before it can be properly distributed. An experienced family law attorney like Suzanne Hunsinger can assist in the tracing, locating, identifying and valuing of property, including defined contribution plans and defined benefit plans such as pensions and employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs).

Why Hire Suzanne Hunsinger to Draft Your QDRO?

Suzanne Hunsinger has been practicing family law for over 30 years and is familiar with all the different issues that can arise in a divorce. Many of our cases come to us as referrals from other local attorneys, many of whom practice family law but recognize the need for assistance in a highly specialized area such as QDROs.

Suzanne has been named in court orders as the attorney who will complete the QDRO. In Santa Clara County, parties to a divorce must go through a settlement conference before a trial date is set. During that settlement conference, the settlement officer may see that a QDRO is needed. Suzanne is one of three professionals typically used by the court as a reference for drafting a QDRO. Following a settlement conference, clients and their attorneys frequently contact our office for assistance with the QDRO. Suzanne is also an active participant QDRONES, an organization of select attorneys, actuarial consultants and others involved in the law and practice of QDROs.

Contact Our Office for Expert Assistance in Divorce, Community Property Settlements, and QDROs

The Law Office of Suzanne Hunsinger is a boutique law firm focusing on this one particular area of the law. We therefore have the expertise and specialized knowledge gained from experience to make sure the QDRO is accurate, complete and meets your needs and expectations. Contact our office for advice and representation regarding a QDRO or other complicated property settlement matter in your divorce.